Adhesive Tapes

We stock a comprehensive range of adhesive tapes from general packaging tape to specialist tapes.

We also provide printed tapes with standard warning notices or Custom Printed tapes with your company name or logo.

The factors that impact the quality and cost of adhesive tape are the tape backing and adhesive. The differences between them are summarised in the tables below. 

BACKING Quality/Cost Benefits
Vinyl High Strong and silent off the roll. Ideal for heavy duty applications. All of our Vinyl tapes have a solvent adhesive. 
Low Noise Polypropylene Medium  Economical alternative to vinyl tape. Silent off the roll.
Polypropylene Low Economical tape that performs well in cold conditions

ADHESIVE Quality/Cost Benefits
Solvent High Premium quality, long term adhesive
Hotmelt Medium  Quality solvent-free adhesive
Acrylic Low Environmentally friendly water based adhesive

Our general purpose packaging tapes have various combinations of backing and adhesive, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications and budgets. 

Other forms of tape that we offer include Double-Sided Tapes, Crossweave and Monoweave Reinforced Tapes, Cloth Tapes, Aluminium Foil Tape, and Non-Adhesive Barrier Tape.

We also offer environmentally friendly tapes such as Gummed Paper Tape and Kraft Paper Tape, both of which are also available for custom printing.