Flat Cardboard Boxes

Our range of flat cardboard boxes have been specially designed to fit an array of flatter items such as paintings, mirrors, artwork or any other narrow products requiring protecting during transit. This range is made up of our fixed size 0203 style Mirror and Painting Boxes, or our adjustable Telescopic Boxes that have a variable length.

Mirror and Painting Boxes are strong, single-walled corrugated boxes ideal for packaging flat and slim items such as mirrors or paintings.

Our double-walled telescopic boxes are perfect for packaging items of different sizes, as the 'lid' of the box can be slid over the base at varying heights and then taped or strapped to seal. These boxes are available in three different sizes to allow for the more unusual, products that you may have to package.

These flat cardboard boxes are made from FSC approved fluted cardboard and supplied flat packed for eaasy storage,

All of our boxes are 100% recyclable.