Flat Cardboard Boxes

Flat Cardboard Boxes

We pride ourselves in offering packaging suitable for all our customers' needs. Our flat cardboard box range is suited to larger rectangular products such as mirrors, artwork and tv’s. We have 2 different types of boxes available in various sizes to suit your specific needs. All of our boxes are 100% recyclable.

Mirror and Painting Boxes

Our mirror and painting boxes are strong single wall cardboard boxes designed to fit an array of flatter items such as mirrors and paintings. These narrow boxes are available in 3 different sizes suitable for products of varying lengths and heights. These boxes are delivered flat packed in packs of 5 for easy storage.

Telescopic Cardboard Boxes

These versatile double walled cardboard boxes are ideal for packaging more unusual products. These telescopic boxes are available in 3 different sizes and come flat packed for easy storage. Each box has a lid and a base box, these slide together, making it easier to package products of varying heights, the top and bottom can be easily taped or strapped together for protection during shipping or storage.