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We stock a comprehensive range of blown and cast pallet wrap rolls, available on a next day delivery for any orders placed up until 5pm.  All our pallet wrap, or stretch film and stretch wrap, as its commonly known, is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards providing consistency and reliability in securing palletised goods.  We offer very competitive prices for single boxes, and trade discounts on pallet quantities.

Blown pallet wrap is a premium film with high puncture resistance that is tacky on both sides providing greater cling strength and pallet load stability. These properties also allow the blown film to be used in cold conditions as low as -30C. The superior qualities of blown film compared to cast film make this type of pallet wrap our most popular film choice. 

Cast pallet wrap is a low cost stretch film that is less tacky than blown film so is silent when it unwinds off the core.  Cast film also has excellent optics due to the films clarity, allowing barcodes on palletised goods to be easily read.

We offer our stretch film rolls with both a standard flush core, and an extended core. Standard flush cores can be applied by hand or using a hand dispenser. We offer two types of hand dispenser, either a heavy duty metal roll dispenser or a moulded plastic hand protection applicator that is simply pushed into the cardboard core. Extended cores meanwhile allow the film to be applied by hand, holding the cardboard cores that extend by 65mm from the film edge.  There is no extra cost for this core type, and it removes the need for a separate hand dispenser. 

We offer a variety of coloured rolls including black, blue, red, and yellow.  Opaque black pallet wrap protects your valuable products against pilferage.  Blue tint pallet wrap is widely used in the catering and food industry to prevent contamination of products. Yellow and red stretch film are ideal for the colour coding and securing of palletised goods.

Mini stretch film rolls are just 100mm wide and used for the protection and bundling of smaller items. We offer this product in both clear and black opaque security film along with mini roll dispensers.

Machine pallet wrap is available in both standard cast and power pre-stretch in single roll quantities and pallet quantities at trade discounts.  Machine film is generally for larger users and applied using a pallet wrap turntable machine.  Compared to standard cast film, power pre-stretch film maximises yield by stretching up to 300% during application.  Pallet wrap machines are available for both standard cast film and power pre-stretch film with a 12 month parts and return to base warranty as standard.