Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Comprised of a single layer of corrugated cardboard, our high-quality single wall boxes are sturdy and provide strong protection supporting our customers needs. We provide these standard single wall cardboard boxes at affordable prices in brown and white, you can also have these boxes custom printed.

What are these boxes used for?

Our single wall boxes are available in a vast range of sizes which are suitable for professional and domestic use. Our range starts with boxes as small as 127x127x127mm all the way up to 610x457x457mm. This offers our customers the flexibility to get packaging which suits all their needs. These boxes provide long-lasting protection for its contents during transportation and storage. 

What’s so great about our single wall boxes?

These general purpose corrugated boxes are suited to a range of businesses and products. These durable boxes have a 4-flap design and arrive flat packed for easy storage. These boxes are easily assembled and secured with one of our adhesive packaging tapes across the top and bottom flaps.

We offer our range of single walled boxes in pack quantities and pallet rates, meaning if you need to buy in bulk we can offer you the most competitive prices. However, you can also order as little as one pack of 20 boxes, if you have limited storage space.

Single walled cardboard boxes with multi-score flexibility

As one of the UK’s leading cardboard box suppliers we understand the importance of flexibility for our customers. This is why the majority of the range of our single wall cardboard boxes are multi-scored, allowing you to reduce the depth of your carton. Being able to adjust the depth of a box gives you saves on expensive void fill and is better for the environment by reducing the amount of packaging needed.

When viewing our products, each box will have an attribute for multi-scored height. Depending on the size you choose the box could have none, 1 or 2 multi-scored creases. For example, our 229x152x229mm single wall box has two multi-scored creases at the heights of 127mm and 177mm from the bottom of the box.