Corrugated Rolls & Paper

We offer a range of single faced corrugated paper rolls and specialist papers, from white tissue paper and newspaper offcuts, to globular ambossed and waxed Kraft paper.

Our Corrugated Paper Rolls is economical and lightweight. Corrugated paper is an ideal packaging solution to replace plastic-based materials, and is a versatile material for surface and cushion protection. These rolls are environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, and cost effective, with the product being ideal for a variety of applications, including general wrap protection and void filling. 

Pure kraft paper is a high-quality, tear-resistant, wrapping paper. This premium paper is suitable for all wrapping and packaging requirements, capable of handling fragile items alongside medium and heavy duty paper wrapping applications, and is available in sheets or rolls. An economic alternative to pure kraft paper is imitation kraft paper. This product is biodegradable, and is also made from recycled materials. The strong 90gsm grading of the paper makes this a low cost solution for all-purpose packaging, and is available in sheets or rolls. This product is more suited to lightweight and medium duty applications.

Our range of anti-corrosion products is also being extended, and includes kraft union, waxed kraft and VCI rust inhibitor paper, all available with next day delivery. 

Our Kraft Union Paper is moisture and water resistance due to the effective use of bitumen lamination combined with Kraft paper. 

Our Waxed Kraft Paper is waxed on both sides to protect products from moisture, including oil and grease.

Our VCI Rust Inhibitor Paper contains a volatile corrosion inhibitor to protect against rust and corrosion without leaving a greasy or waxy residue.

To view our Printed Tissue Paper range visit our sister site ukprinting, where we will produce bespoke branded tissue paper from a minimum quantity of only 500 sheets. (one ream)