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Mug Boxes

Our superb range of mug boxes are perfect for your ecommerce business no matter how big or small. We have a range of high-quality boxes which will keep your products safe during storage and transport.

Cardboard Mug Boxes

Our robust range of postal mug boxes is ideal for ecommerce businesses of any size. Our range includes cardboard packaging for mugs allowing you to ship them individually or in sets of up to six. Each of these boxes is double walled making them robust and extra secure for your products.

Each of our boxes come flat packed for easy storage and can be assembled in seconds. The individual mug box offers a secure space for your product with no additional packaging needed. For posting more than 1 mug we have options for 2,4 and 6 each one with fold over tongues to divide into sections. Each of these sections reduces the movement of the mugs within the box meaning they will arrive at their destination intact. 

Polystyrene Mug Boxes

Our polystyrene mug boxes are easy to use and offer excellent protection for individual mugs. These boxes are the ideal mug packaging for small ecommerce businesses sending out individual orders. 

These polystyrene mug boxes are ideally suited for standard 10oz mugs. The boxes are easily secured with our range of adhesive tapes. The polystyrene mug boxes are a lightweight and affordable mug packaging solution. Each one has a lid and base, and weighs as little as a gram.