Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

There are so many ways to reduce your business waste by using eco-friendly packaging for your products. Our range of eco friendly packaging products includes everything you need including boxes, void fill, envelopes and adhesive tapes.

Eco Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternatives

Plastic bubble wrap makes up part of the backbone of packaging. It is a tried and tested method of protective packaging. Bubble wrap is actually recyclable if disposed correctly but due to the look and feel of it so much ends up in landfill. If you want your business to reduce the waste it sends to landfill, switch to one of our bubble wrap alternatives.

Our EcoWrap products are superior to bubble wrap in a number of areas including, flexibility, strength, speed of packaging and cost. We offer these rolls in brown, black and white, with the heavy duty application machine available. The paper rolls are perforated, when applied under tension it creates a honeycomb wrap, more than doubling the length of the roll. The honeycomb interlocks removing the need for adhesive tapes and providing

Paper Tape

Selecting the right tape is important for the safety of your products. We have a selection of plastic free tapes which offer excellent adhesion. Our Gummed paper tape is available which is a water activated tape and is the most environmentally friendly and strongest option. The gummed tape needs to be used with a dispenser which will moisten and cut the tape. Other options include hotmelt and solvent kraft tapes, strong, economical options which can be applied by hand. The solvent tape offers a longer lasting hold making it a better option for transportation and storage than the Hotmelt. If you're needing tape for crafts and framing hotmelt would work best. 

Other Eco-Friendly Products to Consider

In addition to paper bubble wrap and tape already discussed we have several other eco-friendly packaging options. This means you can create an entirely co-friendly unboxing experience for your customers. Cardboard boxes are already a commonly used packaging tool that are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. What else is available?