Eco-Friendly Bags

We have compiled a selection of bags. both paper and plastic, to suit a variety of customer needs whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Kraft Paper Bags

Our Kraft Paper Bags are made from 70gsm recycled paper and are both recyclable and reusable.

Paper Bags

We offer two forms of paper bags, one set with twist handles, the other with tape handles. 

Our Twist Handle Paper Bags are available in a wise range of colours and sizes, suitable to most needs. 

Our Tape Handle Paper Bags come in 4 Colour choices; Brown, White, Bread Design, and Muffin Design. The Bread and Muffin designed paper bags are perfect for sandwich shops, bakeries and cake shops.

Plastic Bags

We understand that paper bags may not be suitable for every customer, therefore, we have included a selection of plastic bags into our Eco-Packaging Collection. 

These plastic bags have been chosen due to their environmentally-friendly properties. We offer Degradable White Vest Carrier Bags, and Blue and Green Recycled Vest Carrier Bags.