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Our collection of Envelopes have been specially selected to suit all of your postal packaging needs. 

Our All Board, Board Backed, and Rigid Capacity Envelopes are strong and durable to offer a more reliable protection to your mailings than a standard envelope.

The All Board Envelopes are available in White, and provide resistant and durable protection against perforation and tearing. Each envelop features an adhesive peel-off strip for a convenient and strong closure.

Board Backed Envelopes offer excellent protection against tearing and creasing, and are deisgned to keep items flat during transport. Each envelope is printed with 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' to warn carriers to keep the product flat and prevent creases. 

Our Rigid Capacity Envelopes are an adaptable packaging solution that can be used to send flat items, or products up to an 80mm thickness. These versatile envelopes feature an adhesive strip for secure sealing and sending, and a tear strip for easy opening.

An alternative to our cardboard-based postal packaging is our Gusseted Envelopes. These are perfect for mailing bulkier items from catalogues to clothing, and are strong enough to protect against tears and rips.