Void Fill

Void Fill

We have a wide range of void fill available to ensure the safety of your products in transit and storage. Our varied range of packaging solutions includes loose chips, paper fill and air cushions.

Loose Fill Chips

Our Biodegradable loose fill chips are made from a GM-free starch. These chips are suitable for domestic and commercial use. These are ideal when packaging several objects in one box, or when your available packaging is larger than the items. These eco-flo loose fill chips have been proven to offer better protection than traditional polystyrene loose fill, with guaranteed superior performance. These are an ecological, economical and effective void fill solution for your business.

Paper Protection

Paper void fill is an effective and eco-friendly packaging solution. We are all trying to do our bit to help the environment, by using paper void fill you can help reduce the amount of packaging sent to landfill. 

We have box paper void fill options which are easy to use and store. Our ecofill paper void fill is the ideal packaging solution, offering the equivalent of 3 bags of loose fill chips. These conveniently sized boxes are easy to store in any space, they are completely coreless allowing for more paper per roll. This paper void fill is an environmentally friendly packaging option, made from 100% recycled paper. Paper void fill offers excellent protection for your products, reducing risk of damage in storage and transportation.

This range also includes our Ecowrap cushioned paper which is an excellent protective packaging solution. This is a great alternative to plastic based packaging and bubble wrap. When tension is applied this perforated roll creates an interlocking honeycomb pattern which protects products and reduces the amount of free space in the cartons. We have this roll available in brown, white and black, you can also learn more about the benefits of switching to ecowrap in our blog here.

Air Cushion Protection

We offer a selection of activiaAir cushion film protection and accompanying machines. The activiaAir range offers compact and affordable protective packaging solutions for commercial and domestic use. Our activiaAir cushion film is a pre-perforated roll which is the equivalent of 12 bags of traditional loose fill. We also have a quilt film available which is an excellent space saving alternative to bubble wrap. These cushion films are suitable for use with the activaAir Cushion Machines (BP2000, BP4000, and BP5000). Both our activaAir film products are 100% recyclable HDPE.