Woven Polyester Strapping

Why choose Woven Polyester Strapping?

Woven Polyester Strapping is made from crosswoven strands of polyester yarn, coated with cold glue to improve rigidity and system strength.

This strapping offers a higher resistance to chafing and shearing (when a small cut at the end spreads across the width when under tension), and is therefore suitable for use with rough edged consignments. 

Woven Polyester offers a stronger, safer, and greener alternative to Steel Strapping.

We also offer Polyester Bale Press Strapping for use with baling presses, and Composite Polyester Strapping which features a plastic coating to increase abrasion resistance and rigidity, making the strapping easier to feed through the pallet frame. 

This strapping is also available in a Strapping Kit which includes Woven Polyester Strapping,  and either; 200 Metal Buckles, or a Heavy Duty Mobile Strapping Dispenser, Tensioner, and 1000 Metal Buckles.