Edge Protection

Transit damage to product edges is a common frustration, particularly on furniture. We sell a wide range of solid kraft edge board lengths to combat this. These are also a popular product used to reinforce the corners of stretch wrapped pallets. Also, a very popular range of edge protection is the Nomafoam range of foam edge protection. Nomafoam 'L' profiles are available with or without adhesive backing. This product is ideal for protecting corners, edges and scratch-sensitive products. Nomafoam 'U profile' edge protection profiles offer effective edge protection for all types of corners and curves. They are available in different dimensions and densities in order to protect your products. Nomafoam O profiles suit perfectly to round goods, pipes and elongated objects. Nomafoam 'WS' profiles are a patented glass edge protection solution. It offers innovative transport protection for windscreens and glass. An inner reinforcement of the profile prevents the risk of piercing. We now also supply protective sleeving which comes in a range of different colours.