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Ecommerce Packaging

We stock a large range of ecommerce packaging perfect for your business. Our range includes single wall postal boxes, heavy duty crash lock boxes and mug boxes. Ideal for small and large products, offering high-quality protection for storage and transport.

Quick Seal Postal Boxes

Quick seal postal boxes are a cost effective and secure way of packaging your products. The peel and seal adhesive strip allows a simple and efficient closure method, avoiding the need for additional packing tape, maintaining the sleek look of the box. The tear strip open is a zip rule strip built into the box, making it easier for the recipient at the other end. These durable, single wall boxes are available in a mixture of sizes and colours including white, brown, and blue.

Our cardboard mailer is a wrap box perfect for games and books, available in A4 and A5 sizes. For products that need more protection, you can use our crash lock quick seal box, with ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ printed on the side and a secure quick seal closure to keep your products safe in transit and storage. 

Postal Tubes

For those who are sending out products such as posters and blinds you need a strong and durable cardboard tube. Our brown postal tubes are spiral wound with plastic cap ends, the tubes are 100% recyclable and constructed from recyclable materials. These are available in 17 different sizes to fit all your needs. These postal tubes are designed to ensure that its contents are safe from damage whilst being stored or transported.

Bottle Boxes

Our moulded pulp and corrugate bottle protectors are a safe and eco-friendly solution for  transportation of bottled goods, providing unrivalled protection throughout the shipping process. The outer die cut postal boxes include an attractive printed bottle design with fragile warning notice. The self erecting box design incorporates a die cut closure, reducing the need for adhesive tape. The pulp clam-shell inner provides robust cushion protection for wine bottles through the UK postal service. These boxes can hold a single bottle or a pair safely packaged together.

Brown Cardboard Mug Boxes

If your small business sells custom or unique design mugs/mugs sets we have a great range of affordable packaging available. Our range of brown cardboard mug boxes are double walled with fold over tongues to divide into separate compartments. Mugs fit snugly into these boxes and compartments with no need for additional packaging, keeping them safe in storage and transport. We offer these boxes in different sizes ranging from single mug through to 6 mug boxes.