Jiffy Bags

We are the leading supplier of wholesale Jiffy bags in the UK. Our considerable stock allow us to obtain the very best prices for next day delivery. We supply low cost bubble lined Jiffy mailers to both trade resellers and leading mailing houses. We stock the complete Jiffy postal range including Airkraft, Mailmiser,Superlite, Earth Aware and Jiffy Padded bags.

Airkraft Jiffy bags are our best selling range.  They are lightweight and economical making them the perfect choice for low cost mailings. They have excellent tear and puncture resistance, a strong self seal closure and are available in white or gold.

Mailmiser Jiffy bags are a premium bubble lined postal mailer.  A superior quality outer kraft paper and strong side welds provides additional strength and durability compared to Airkraft mailers. Available in white and gold this lightweight, tough postal mailer suits heavy duty domestic or overseas mailings. 

Jiffy Padded bags are our toughest postal mailer, offering greater cushioning and burst strength compared to Airkraft and Mailmiser postal mailers.  The heavy duity outer kraft paper has no side seam and a double glued bottom flap for extra strength.  The Jiffy Padded bag is 100% recyclable as the cushioned inner lining is made from recycled paper fibre.

Superlite Jiffy bags are new to the market and exclusive to Jiffy.  Instead of bubble wrap the cushioned lining is made from non abrasive foam, making it the perfect choice for delicate items such as jewellery.  The foam lining is lightweight and slimline resulting in reduced postal costs.

We also offer an Airkraft Jiffy Bag Selection Box which offers a selection of sizes in a retail-ready branded box.

To complement our range, we also offer premium quality Jiffy Astro Suprabubble Bubble Wrap, which uses advanced technology to incorporate a barrier film, improving bubble strength and preventing air loss, providing improved long term cushion protection and performance.  This special blend is puncture resistant and 'easy tear', allowing the film to be neatly and quickly separated by hand.  Our Jiffy range also extends to our range of Jiffy Bubble Bags, all of which are made from high quality barrier seal bubble wrap, with a strong self-seal adhesive strip for a secure closure.  The barrier seal bubble film minimises air loss from the bubble, providing a tough, long term, cushioned protection.  We also offer Jiffy Anti-Static Bubble Bags, for electrical components requiring protection from static electricity.

Other Jiffy products include our specially designed Jiffy cushion protection for furniture which is widely used by manufacturers and within the removals industry.  Jiffy Furni-Soft rolls have a non-abrasive polypropylene layer, laminated to Jiffy Astro Bubble to provide a strong but delicate cushioned surface protection.  Jiffy Furni-Guard rolls have a paper simulated LDPE inner, providing a delicate surface protection with improved strength and water resistance. 

We also supply a selection of Jiffy Foam Rolls for a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging, such as corrugated paper, that can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion. This packaging foam is available in a variety of thicknesses, making it extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications, from delicate china, to concrete blocks, furniture, and consumer electronics, and any items requiring gentle cushioning or interleaving protection.

Alongside our selection of Jiffy products, we also have our own Bubble Lined Envelopes, Metallic Bubble Envelopes, and Coloured Bubble Envelopes.