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Our range of light, medium and heavy duty hand tackers are suitable for a wide range of common applications, including reupholstery work, securing and fastening of insulation materials, fitting carpets, and a range of paper and wood uses. 

Meanwhile, our Manual, Pneumatic, and Treadle Action Carton Staplers have a heavy duty construction, making them perfect for high volume carton sealing. Our Manual Stapler is easy to use and robust, using a lever controlled action to give your cartons a clean sealed finish. The Air27 Pneumatic Stapler is an efficient and lightweight stapler using air-pwered trigger action to prevent operator fatigue, whilst supporting high-colume usage. Meanwhile, our Mechanical Treadle Carton Stapler is foot operated and designed to staple carton base flaps prior to filling, whilst leaving the operator's hands free to accurately align and hold the carton during sealing. The staples are designed to only penetrate the carton, not the contents, ensuring a safe and secure parcel. 

The R3 Staple Remover uses a vice jaw grip to quickly and safely remove staples from paper, cartons, mailing bags, and more. With steel wear parts and a comfortable, ergonomically shaped, handle, the R3 helps remove almost any awkward, stubborn, or hard to reach staple with a simple lever action, whilst also reducing risk of injury and material damage.