Void Fill Packaging

All of our void fill packaging is environmentally friendly and suitable for users of varying capacities.

ActivaAir Cushion Machines create efficient, on-demand, air pillow void fill from compact roll film. Our ActivaAir Air Cushion Machines can silently produce up to 27 metres of film per minute, and each feature a lightweight design that allows for the machines to be easily transported between packing stations in order to produce air cushions and quilts when required. The activaAir Air Cushion Bags and Quilt Films  are a 100% recyclable, space saving alternative to bubble wrap or traditional loose fill, and one roll of film is equivalent to approximately 12 bags of loosefill.

The Speedman Paper Void Fill is a paper cushioning solution for small or private consignors with low or irregular shipping needs, or a limited filling volume requirement. The Speedman Box is the ideal starter solution for environmentally friendly and uncomplicated packaging. Each handy box contains the equivalent to 1.5 cubic metres of void fill or 3 bags of loose fill chips, and is ready to use without any additional aids. The Paper Void Fill boxes are all made from 100% recycled paper and is also 100% recyclable itself, helping to close the loop for the environment. 

Our EcoFlo Biodegradable Loose Fill is 100% Biodegradable and made from GM-free starch. The chips are also suitable for both domestic and municipal composting, and will dissolve in water. The Loose-Fill chips have been proven to offer better protection than traditional polystyrene loose fill, and provide high-level shock protection to eliminate breakages, with a guaranteed superior performance. The Eco-Flo Loose Fill is ecological, economical, and effective, and is available in either a 425 Litre Bag or a 120 Litre Box

Our Kiln Dried Wood Wool comes supplied in a 10kg bale. This environmentally friendly void fill solution is 100% sustainable, bio-degradable, and lightweight with very low resin and extractive levels. This wood wool is commonly used as a presentation filler for giftware, hampers, wine and spirit bottles, and is also widely used as cushion protection in the transportation of glassware and ceramics.