Ecommerce Postal Boxes

We stock a large variety of Postal Boxes to suit a wide range of needs, whilst using Royal Mail PiP friendly sizes to minimise postal costs.

Postal and Book Wraps are suitable for PiP Small-Medium parcel and Large Letter  sized items, and come with strong peel and seal openings.

Our Economy Postal Boxes (available in White or Brown) are a low cost standard mailing box, ideal for sending small items. 

The Standard Postal Boxes (also available in White or Brown) are made from high quality single wall brown cardboard, with double lined sides for extra strength, and interlocking flaps to the secure the lid. 

Our Quick Seal Postal Boxes (available in White or Brown, and PiP Large Letter form) are made from single wall cardboard with a peel and seal closure and tear strip open.

We have also recently launched our NEW coloured Pink and Black Quick Seal postal boxes to add a stunning reveal to your postal mailings.

Foam Postal Boxes come in two forms, our Foam Lined Postal Boxes, and our Shell and Slide Postal Boxes. These two ranges come with foam linings to provide extra protection.

We hold over 500,000 postal boxes in stock and orders received before 5pm are available on next day delivery.