Steel Strapping

Why choose Steel Strapping?

Steel strapping has either a zinc coating, or is painted and waxed.Zinc increases corrosion resistance, whilst waxing reduces strap friction in order to apply tension more evenly along its length.

Steel is commonly used to strap heavier materials due to its high tensile strength and minimal elongation under tension.

Steel strapping can be sealed using compressible metal seals, or a crimping sealer, and requires heavy duty Steel Strapping Cutters.

We also provide Stainless Steel Strapping, which provides the best corrosion resistance, but is most commonly used in process installation.

This strapping is also available in a Strapping Kit which includes Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping, a Mobile Steel Strapping Dispenser, and either; a Steel Strapping Sealer, Tensioner and 200 Snap On Seals, or a Sealless Combination Tool.

Ribbon Wound Strapping and Mill Wound Strapping

Ribbon Wound Strapping has each layer wound directly over the one below so that the coild width is the same as the strip.This offers a lower coil weight for easy handling.

Mill Wound Strapping has the strap oscillated uniformly and tightly across the width of the core. This offers a high coil capacity for reduced downtime.