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EcoWrap Cushioned Paper Wrap

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EcoWrap cushioned paper is a high quality, non-abrasive, environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap.  The paper rolls have been precision slit to create hexagonal honeycomb cells, when applied using the tensioned dispenser.  These cells provide strong cushion protection and lock together under tension, eliminating the need for adhesive tape.  The rolls are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and made with recycled materials, so the perfect choice for brands conscious of their environmental impact.

The premium quality paper has been specially manufactured to provide a soft non-abrasive quality.  This eliminates the need for an extra tissue lining often required with alternative products on the market, improving the environmental benefits and cost effectiveness.  

Choose from three attractive colours, natural brown, black and white, across two roll widths.  We offer two paper grades, 70gsm for light protection and 90gsm for products that require extra cushion protection.

The paper is applied using our heavy duty roll dispenser with variable tension applicator, which can be used with rolls up to 500mm wide.  The tension provided by the dispenser separates the slits in the paper upon application, creating the hexagonal cushion cells. The roller arm securely grips the roll core and variable tension spring allows the user to set the perfect tension for their application.  The dispenser comes with rubber suction feet that lock to flat surfaces, or alternatively the dispenser can be securely fixed to a packing table via the holes in the foot plate. 

We provide bundle kits including rolls and dispensers and offer bulk discounts on volume orders.

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