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Removal Packaging

We have an extensive range of removal packaging to ensure all your belongings are kept safe in storage and transport. Our range includes specialist kits, protective packaging, warning labels and furniture protection. This range is suited to house and business moves of all sizes.

House Move Packaging Kits

Our removal box kits have been specially selected to suit a range of house sizes, ensuring you have everything you need. These kits range from our mini saver, designed for a single person/small mover right up to our ultimate value for the big family move. Each of our kits includes cardboard boxes in varying sizes including jumbo, bubble wrap and tape. Each cardboard box included in these kits has an area to write information about the box contents, making life easier unloading at the other end. 

Bespoke Boxes For Removals

We also stock a range of boxes that can be ordered on their own for longer or larger items such as our Mirror and Painting Boxes, which will fit flatter items from 550x150x408mm to 1240x150x1040mm. This means items like artwork and mirrors are safer for transit and less protective packaging is needed when packaging. 

We also offer Wardrobe Cardboard Boxes, which have a robust hanging rail to hang clothing in, keeping clothing crease-free and easy to unload at the other end. A must have for any house move.   

In our standard range of cardboard boxes, we offer a range of single wall and double wall cardboard boxes to pack light and heavier items. The box sizes range from as small as 100x100x250mm to 762x508x508mm and can be ordered in packs of 10 or 20. 

If you require a box that is not currently available on our website, you can use our box calculator, where you can get an instant quote and buy it online. 

Protective Packaging

During any move or removal process it is vital to ensure that your belongings are well packaged and kept safe when transported or stored. Our removal packaging range includes everything you need to ensure valuables are unbroken. Our range includes bubble wrap rolls available in various sizes, colours and specialist rolls are also available. If you are wanting packaging which doesn’t harm the environment, our collection of void fill offers environmentally friendly protection such as our EcoWrap cushioned paper and EcoFill paper void fill.

Printed Box Labels

When packing valuables labelling the boxes as clearly as possible helps ensure they reach the other end. Each of our cardboard removal boxes comes printed with a section for writing location and contents of the box. We have a range of printed tapes and warning labels to ensure that the box is ‘handled with care’ by anyone who comes into contact with it. Our printed warning tapes are premium quality polypropylene tapes with clear printed warning messages. Our range of warning labels offers several sizes and warning phrases including ‘fragile’, ‘do not stack’ and ‘glass’.