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Cardboard Boxes

At UKPackaging we supply a range of high quality corrugated boxes for protecting goods while in storage and transit. As manufacturers of cardboard boxes we can offer bespoke sizes in small and large quantities at wholesale prices. 

Our range of Cardboard Boxes include Single Wall and Double Wall Boxes (available in white or brown), Long and Tall Cardboard Boxes, Postal Boxes, Removal Boxes, Mug Boxes, Export Boxes, and Bottle Boxes.

The majority of our range of cardboard boxes include multi-score heights which allows the height of the box to be reduced to a pre-scored crease. Having packaging boxes with multi-score heights allows you to securely package a range of products without needing multiple boxes. This also reduces the need for excessive void fill. 

Single Wall or Double Wall, what's the difference?

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Comprising a single layer of corrugated cardboard, single wall cardboard boxes provide protection for your products in long term storage and transport. The boxes offer versatility with their four-flap design and multi-score heights. They are conveniently supplied flat packed in packs of 20. These are available in Brown or White

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

A dual layer of corrugated material offering twice as much strength and protection than the single wall boxes. The additional strength will suit heavier objects and provide ample protection for transport and storage. They are conveniently supplied flat packed in packs of 10. These are available in Brown or White.

Postal Boxes

We stock a large range of postal boxes made from high quality corrugated cardboard. This range is ideal for any ecommerce business, offering a lightweight packaging solution in a range of colours and sizes. Each of our postal boxes comes flat packed and can be as standard or custom printed with your artwork.

Postal boxes are a great alternative to mailing bags, offering extra protection and are more environmentally friendly. Our standard postal bags are available in brown and white, with interlocking flaps to secure the lid. These cardboard postal boxes are double lined for extra strength.

Quick seal postal boxes offer a secure packaging solution with a built in seal strip allowing for faster packaging. These boxes are a great option for ecommerce packaging and are available in various sizes and colours including brown, white, pink and black. We also have a range available sized for Royal Mail PiP large letter.

 Bottle Boxes

Our moulded pulp and corrugate bottle protectors are a safe and eco-friendly solution for  transportation of bottled goods, providing unrivalled protection throughout the shipping process. The outer die cut postal boxes include an attractive printed bottle design with fragile warning notice. The self erecting box design incorporates a die cut closure, reducing the need for adhesive tape. The pulp clam-shell inner provides robust cushion protection for wine bottles through the UK postal service. These boxes can hold a single bottle or a pair safely packaged together.

Specialist Box Sizes

If you are looking for packaging for products of a specific size which may not work with our standard box sizes we have a range of specially sized boxes. These are designed for products that are possibly longer than they are wide or vice versa, made so you don’t need to purchase additional boxes and unnecessary void fill.

For flatter items such as pictures, and mirrors we offer either our fixed sized mirror and painting boxes, or our adjustable telescopic boxes. The telescopic boxes are double walled and can be adapted to different sizes products, this is ideal if you are selling frames or mirrors in varying sizes.

For longer products we offer a selection of long boxes suited to all products. We have single and double wall long top open cardboard boxes. These are ideal for blinds, umbrellas or posters, products can be easily slid into the boxes and securely stored or transported. We also offer a long length opening box. This heavy duty cardboard box is ideal for heavier objects which are better lifted out rather than slid from the packaging, like tripods and lamps.