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Our Recyclable Kraft paper is renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. The mechanical strength, flexibility and printability of Kraft paper makes it adaptable to a wide range of industrial, packaging and processing applications, whilst the pure virgin fibres of the product make it suitable for food contact. 

We offer two variations of our Kraft Paper Rolls;

Our Pure Kraft Paper is a high-quality, tear-resistant, wrapping paper. This premium paper is suitable for all wrapping and packaging requirements, capable of handling fragile items alongside medium and heavy duty paper wrapping applications, and is available in sheets or rolls.

An economic alternative to pure kraft paper is Imitation Kraft Paper. This product is biodegradable, and is also made from recycled materials. The strong 90gsm grading of the paper makes this a low cost solution for all-purpose packaging, and is available in sheets or rolls. This product is more suited to lightweight and medium duty applications.

We also offer Kraft Paper Sheets made from wood pulp to increase their strength and durability. The high quality material, combined with this strength, makes this paper ideal for wrapping gifts.