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Cushion Protection & Void Fill

Here at UK Packaging we have a wide range of cushion protection and void fill. Each product offers unparalleled protection for your products. All of our cushion and void fill protective products are environmentally friendly. These are all included in our eco-friendly packaging range along with other sustainable packaging choices.

Cushion Protection

We offer two forms of cushion protection; Biodegradable Bubble Wrap, and Globular Embossed Paper

The Biodegradable Bubble Wrap uses a special additive during production allowing  the bubble to biodegrade within 12-24 months in landfill. The high quality bubble film maximises air retention, providing long term cushion protection against shock and vibration.

Our Globular Embossed Paper bubble wrap is made from recycled straw, and features an embossed bubble pattern.This roll offers excellent protection for products of all shapes and sizes. The  roll is an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap, made from 100% recycled fibres and is also 100% recyclable.

Edge & Corner Protection

We have edge and coroner protective products available in a range of sizes, providing extra reinforcement to the most vulnerable area of a product. 

Kraft Edge Board is useful for reinforcing, stabilising, and protecting the edges of pallet loads from impacts during transport and from damage by strapping. These Kraft Edge Boards help to avoid tipping and displacement of palletized goods and helps to enhance load stability.

Our perforated edge board offers good impact absorption for use with stretch wrap, shrink film, or light strapping This is available in lengths of 1200mm with two profile options.

We have two environmentally friendly corner protectors available. Our corrugated corner protectors are a cost-effective option for use with stretch wrap, shrink film, or light strapping.

The pulp corner protectors are made from water and recycled paper making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable.The protectors offer superior crush resistance alongside excellent cushioning and protection against vibration. The soft surface of the pulp also helps to avoid scratching and abrasions. The corners are easily applied and can be held in place with products such as bubble wrap.

Void Fill

Our void fill products are great eco-friendly packaging solutions. Offering excellent protection at competitive prices and each have a more positive impact on the environment than their plasti alternatives.

Our own brand of Ecofill is the perfect eco-friendly packaging for small businesses and individuals looking for space-saving environmentally-friendly alternatives to loose fill chips. This void fill box has no need for additional appliances; simply tear off the front and you’re good to go. 

Our Kiln Dried Wood Wool comes supplied in a 10kg bale. This environmentally friendly void fill solution is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and lightweight with very low resin and extractive levels. This wood wool is commonly used as a presentation filler for giftware, hampers, wine and spirit bottles, and is also widely used as cushion protection in the transportation of glassware and ceramics.