Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. The 200 metre rolls provide a very strong seal with excellent carton presentation. The tape is tamper evident, and is also tolerant of storage temperature fluctuations, and is generally the most cost effective carton sealing tape available. It is the ultimate tape for fully or partially filled cartons.

We stock a range of Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers  suitable for all budgets and usages. Our Manual Tape Dispensers are perfect for entry-level use and smaller budgets, whilst our Electronic Tape Dispensers (BP500 and BP555) are long lasting and high capactiy. We also offer a Tape Dispenser Foot Pedal for use with the BP555 to provide handsfree versatility and improved productivity.

Our Security Gummed Paper Tape uses a reinforced natural kraft tape with a water activated adhesive and printed message. The reinforced glass fibres offer enhanced burst-resistance, and the water-activated adhesive offers fast, permanent adhesion to most grades of cardboard.