Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes

Here at UKPackaging we have a range of own brand adhesive packaging tapes manufactured in Europe to the highest quality. Our range of packaging tapes ensure a strong adhesion every time. 

Our range of premium packaging tape

We have our own brand solvent and acrylic tapes available in clear and buff finishes. This range is ideal for use with one of our hand held tape dispensers. Our range of packaging tape is available in packs of 6 or boxes of 36 - or packs of 24 for our extra-wide 72mm acrylic tape. Our acrylic range is perfectly suited to your general purpose packaging needs whereas our solvent tape is suited to more medium to heavy weight carton sealing.

Choosing the right packaging tape

If you are unsure which tape would be best for you here's our helpful guide to types of tape giving you more of the vital qualities of our acrylic and solvent tapes.

Tape Type


Premium Acrylic Tape

  • Water based acrylic polypropylene tape is best used with a dispenser.
  • Resistant to weathering, yellowing and UV light.
  • Works well in a wide temperature range, including refrigeration.
  • Most affordable, general purpose adhesive tape.
  • Not easy to tear.

Premium Solvent Tape

  • A natural rubber tape requires very little pressure.
  • Offers a stronger adhesion than standard acrylic tapes.
  • Provides an excellent bond with cartons.
  • Designed for use manually or with a dispenser. 
  • Superior adhesion in high and extreme low temperatures.