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We offer a range of double sided tapes in a selection of materials.

Our Polyester tape is a high performance, double sided, tape that uses an acrylic/solvent adhesive blend on a premium polyester film carrier with a red film release liner.These materials allow for properties such as, a high initial tack, UV resistance, and long term adhesion. This tape is widely used in industrial applications, including mounting to plastics, sign making, and print finishing.  

Our Double-Sided Cloth tape is an easy-tear double sided tape with a tissue carrier. The strong, synthetic, rubber-resin adhesive is water-resistant and bonds to most surfaces. This tape is ideal for flooring, or heavy duty, industrial applications.

The Polypropylene Double Sided tape uses a hotmelt adhesive on a polypropylene film carrier to produce a high-strength, permanent tape. This tape is ideal for general purpose use around the home, office, and workshop. Perfect for fixing signs, paper to paper, paper to card etc.  

Tissue Double-Sided tape is an easy tear, double sided, adhesive tape that uses a tissue carrier and solvent adhesive, alongside a finger lift release paper, to perfectly mount lightweight objects, and to laminate paper, plastics, and textiles. This tape is often used in craft markets and the paper industry for paper products, or lightweight POS displays.