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Vibac Packaging Tapes

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Vibac Packaging Tapes

UKPackaging are a proud supplier of the Vibac adhesive tape range. This range includes a variety of tapes to suit your business needs, ideal for carton sealing using a dispenser.

Our Range

We offer a range of high-quality Vibac adhesive tapes suitable for different business needs. You can use the range by hand or apply with a dispenser.Our Vibac 825 low noise acrylic tape is a premium quality tape, providing a higher shear strength and stick performance. If you’re looking for a tape to meet sustainable measures, Vibac solvent kraft paper tape is more environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable. This tape is easy to tear and offers a long-lasting hold.

What’s The Difference Between Packaging Tapes?

Our Vibac tape range includes different types of adhesive and it is important you select the right one for your business. The key difference in these adhesives is how they respond in different environments. Below is a helpful guide to our 3 Vibac tapes.


Acrylic Tape

Hotmelt Tape

Solvent Tape

Acrylic polypropylene tape is best used with a dispenser.

Resistant to weathering, yellowing and UV light.

Works well in a wide temperature range, including. refrigeration

Most affordable, general purpose adhesive tape.

Not easy to tear.

Product: Vibac 825m Low Noise Acrylic Tape

A synthetic rubber tape providing instant grab.

A thermoplastic adhesive which performs well in higher temperatures (up to 50°C).

High initial tack and superior adhesion.

Ideal for applications involving machine applied tapes or overstuffed cartons.

Works well in dusty conditions due and on recycled boxes due to strong adhesion.

Product: Vibac 105 Hotmelt Packaging Tape

A natural rubber tape requiring very little pressure.

Offers a stronger adhesion than standard acrylic tapes.

Provides an excellent bond with cartons.

Designed for use manually or with a dispenser. 

Superior adhesion in high and extreme low temperatures.

Product: Vibac 800/801 Low Noise Heavy Duty Solvent Tape