Tape Dispensers

We provide a range of hand tape guns and bench mounted tape dispensers. An essential purchase for use with our adhesive tapes. This will make the job of applying adhesive tape considerably quicker and ensures a more accurate seal.

Our Hand Held Tape Dispensers can be used with either our 50mm or 75mm wide tapes. The Economy Tape guns (available for widths of 50mm or 75mm) can both take 132mtr tapes, with our 50mm dispenser also able to take 66mtr tapes. Our Heavy Duty Tape guns (also available for widths of 50mm or 75mm) feature a coarse-toothed blade and can both take 132mtr tapes. Our Double Sided Tissue and Polypropylene Tape Dispensers can both take 50mtr tape.

Our range of Bench Mounted Tape Dispensers are suitable for a range of applications. We stock dispensers to suit 25mm50mm, and 75mm tape widths.