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Kraft Paper Tapes

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Our range of durable Kraft paper tapes are available with either a strong solvent adhesive, or with a solvent-free hot melt adhesive.

Kraft paper is a high quality, easy-tear carrier that is fully recyclable and, when combined with a hot melt adhesive, is also completely biodegradable, making it a great alternative to traditional packing tapes. 

Our Vibac 291 Paper Tape has a natural rubber solvent adhesive for a longer-lasting hold, and a semi-crepe paper backing that is perfect for non-critical applications. This is the perfect tape for finished packaging or presentation, and is widely used for crafts and framing. 

Our new Hotmelt Kraft Paper Tape uses a biodegradable hot melt adhesive attached to a high quality, easy tear kraft paper carrier for perfectly finished packaging, presentation, and picture framing. 

Our Solvent Kraft Paper Tape uses a long-lasting solvent adhesive with our easy-tear craft paper carrier for a recyclable alternative to traditional packaging tape.

Please contact our sales team should you have any bespoke requirements on 0845 8800 355.