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Robopac Systems

We are a proud supplier of Robopac machinery, offering a range of pallet wrap and case taper machines. This innovative range of machinery is designed to improve efficiency and reduce plastic use. This machinery is built to last, constructed using high-quality materials and components able to withstand harsh conditions and rigorous demands of industry.

Pallet Wrapping Machines

We have a range of pallet wrapping machines available, for small and large businesses.For companies that send out high volumes of pallets, the ecoplat or masterplat is our recommended option, as it has a turntable for faster and more efficient pallet wrapping. If you have a smaller space, or send out fewer pallets, one of the Robot Master machines would be more suitable, as it’s mobile and easy to store.

We offer an entry level machine ideal if you are wanting to automate and speed up your current process. This Ecoplat plus pallet wrap machine has a simple control panel and is ideal for basic pallet wrapping functions. This machine is for use with a standard cast machine film, with up to 200% stretch. If you’re looking for a more advanced turntable machine the Masterplat PSG pallet wrap is a premium option for use with power pre-stretch film. The Masterplat machine has a user-friendly control panel with graphic icons and program selection. This machine has an advanced mode where three programs can be pre-set and locked allowing the wrapping of different pallet sizes and weights to be simple and efficient.

Robot master pallet wrapping machines are ideal if you don’t have the space for a large turntable machine but would like to make your current systems more efficient. The Robot Master M110 FR is a self propelled machine which can be navigated using a steering arm. This machine is for use of standard cast film up to 200% stretch. Robopac’s Robot Master M110 PDS is for use with a power pre-stretch film up to 250% stretch. This versatile machine can wrap small or large pallets, without an operator. The control panel for this robot has 3 programs and 10 settings that can easily be navigated. Once in position the machine will wrap your pallet without an operator.

Types of Film Carriage

Each of our pallet wrap machines is fitted with a different type of film carriage identified by FRD, PDS and PVS. Use the information below to find out more.

Friction Roller Drive

Power Differential Stretch

Performance Variable Stretch

Spool carriage with a mechanical break on return roller - constant stretch of the film independently of the diameter of the spool.

Benefits - consistent and even tensioning, compatible with a variety of film types and reducing film usage.

Carriage with double pre-stretching system, activated by a control panel. This uses a variable speed motor to apply stretch film.

Benefits - improved load stability, reduced film usage and waste.

A Spool carriage with powered stretch system which is controlled by two independent motors, adjustable using a control panel.

Benefits - improved stability, reduced film usage, faster wrapping speeds and customisable wrapping peraiters.

Case Tapers

We offer a range of case tapers to suit different applications and product requirements. These machines are designed to maximise efficiency in busy packaging environments, with low maintenance requirements. We offer top driven and side driven machinery to provide safe and effective sealing for your cartons. 

Our range includes case tapers at set heights, ideal if you are consistently using the same sized packaging. Our 50 TBDE case taper is a top and bottom driven machine, effectively sealing top and bottom of the cartons with a fixed format. If you are needing a more versatile machine we offer the 50 TBDA random size case taper, which offers top and bottom sealing while simultaneously self sizing and adjusting to the box size.