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The Importance of Right Sized Packaging

What does ‘right sized packaging’ mean?

Right sized packaging is packaging that is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your product so that less additional packaging and void fill is required. Right sized packaging can be approached in two ways; the first is with custom sized packaging, this is ideal for business with a few core product lines that ship via courier or their own vehicle; the second is by purchasing boxes according to Royal Mail box sizing, this is a great way for smaller business sending product via post to send it in the most cost effective and efficient way. Right sizing your packaging means making small changes to adapt your packaging design to increase your profit, promote sustainable practices, and ultimately boost your customers unboxing experience.

Why should you choose ‘right sized packaging’?

Right sized packaging offers benefits for both you, and your customer.

As a business, right sized packaging means reducing the size of your packaging to snugly fit your product, this means that there is less movement in transit, and less to no void fill required. This simple alteration can help to lower shipping costs, emissions, and decrease the company carbon footprint. By decreasing the size of your packaging as much as possible, the transport process will become more efficient as more packages can be loaded onto a single vehicle, therefore less vehicles are required, lowering fuel costs and carbon emissions. This is particularly important when shipping out using a courier service, as many will price based on either parcel size or weight, so keeping the size as small as possible is beneficial.

Investing in right sized packaging is also an excellent decision from a warehouse perspective, as there is no need for added filler in the box, making the packing significantly quicker and also requiring less storage space. The added security that comes with having your product more tightly packed is also likely to lead to less damage, meaning less returns being processed. All of these aspects combine to give your company a reduced carbon footprint, with the packing and posting process being more efficient and streamlined.

From a customer perspective, right sized packaging means that they don’t need to split or break down their parcel and it makes it quicker for them to unwrap. Right sized packaging also decreases the amount of packaging that customer’s need to throw away by limiting the excess, thus making their unboxing experience more pleasurable. The secure packaging also means that a product is less likely to arrive damaged, and that the customer is less likely to request a return or refund. In recent years, especially following David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ series, customers are also looking more at the packaging that brands use and their eco-credentials, as part of their purchasing process. Cutting down on packaging by optimising it in this way will appeal to these customers as it shows that, as a company, you are not needlessly creating excess waste. Overpackaging has been the subject of uproar on social media pages, particularly in regards to companies such as Amazon, showing that this is a topic that is very much at the forefront of a buyers mind.

How do you choose ‘right sized packaging’?

Here at ukpackaging, we can help you to source right sized packaging in one of three ways.

Royal Mail Sizing

All of our postal boxes include information on their royal mail parcel size to help you choose which box is best suited for your product. This is best for companies making smaller mailings and sending through the post.


Box Calculator

Our Box Calculator tool can help you to get a quoted price on a custom sized box to perfectly fit your product. This is perfect for companies looking to buy in slightly larger quantities, or for companies requiring various sizes.

Box Calc

Custom Printed Boxes

We have an excellent sales team to help you find the best packaging solution to suit your branding needs, and to produce the perfect, custom branded, right sized packaging for your company. This service can include advice on design, shape, and board grade, and we will always send out a sample for your approval to ensure that we are providing the best possible service.

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