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May's Customer Showcase

What better way to welcome back our Customer Showcase than with a selection of some of our most recent Customer Showcases?

Telford Group, Zero Beauty, Zen Bears, and Victoria Cator

Here's a look at what we did for them;

Telford Group

Telford Group are a family owned business with over 30 years of experiences in welding and engineering, making them a one stop shop for industrial equipment supplies, service, and consumables. We supplied them with this colourful and comprehensive three-colour printed tape with a vinyl backing, featuring the company's strong logo and that of their Welding Superstore.

Telford Group

Zero Beauty

The 100% natural and vegan British beauty brand, Zero aim to help you care for your skin naturally, without sacrificing the planet. We provided them with this single colour 0427 Postal Box with a simple, yet striking, printed black design on the box interior. This box brilliantly draws attention to the company branding, whilst also promoting their environmentally friendly ethos.

Zero Beauty

Zen Bears

Zen Bears are the Poole-based producers of all natural, vegan, and THC-free CBD gummies made from organic hemp and with a planet friendly focus. We provided them with this 50mm single-colour printed Kraft paper tape featuring their clean and fun design.

Zen Bears

Victoria Cator

Based in London, Victoria Cator is a connoisseur of fine fragrances, creating scents to stimulate the senses and manufacture glorious moments lost in far off paradises. 50mm custom printed white vinyl tape which perfectly complements the sophisticated single colour gold print of their beautiful logo.

Victoria Cator

Each week, we add a new customer to our showcase, so keep your eye out online and on our social media;

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