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All These Jiffy Bags - What size is best? stock one of the largest ranges of Jiffy bags in the UK. All our Jiffy bags are available with next day delivery from stock.  A question we are always asked is ‘which of all the Jiffy bags available is the correct size for me to buy?’.Jiffy bags Airkraft and Mailmiser ranges are based on 10 popular sizes.  These sizes are selected to offer the cheapest postage cost as they are linked with postage in proportion rules (PiP) set out by Royal Mail.To add a bit of colour to your marketing campaign we offer Coloured Jiffy bags in a range of four colours and three popular sizes.

Jiffy padded bags offer the range with the largest capacity. They are very strong and tough and ideal for sending heavier items.

The table gives an indication to the use of each size of Jiffy bags but our recommendation is to request a sample. Call ukpackaging on 0845 8800355 and speak to one of our advisors who will happily help you with your purchase.


Jiffy Bags, Famous For Mailing offer a complete range of Jiffy bags and mailing products. Including the original Jiffy padded bags, lower cost Jiffy bags with bubble wrap lining and Jiffy bags with coloured outers. Our Jiffy bags are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.

 Low cost Airkraft Lite Jiffy Bags

 Our low cost Jiffy bags from the Airkraft Lite range are the most appropiate mailer for shipping items that need superior protection against shocks whilst in transit. The outer paper liner is available in gold or white, this ensures the mailers strength, where the inner lining of astro superbubble provides the necessary cushioning. Though these low cost Jiffy bags are strong it remains lightweight, therefore reducing shipping cost significantly.

Premium Quality Mail Miser Jiffy Bags

Premium quality Mail Miser Jiffy bags are manufactured from a strong kraft paper on the outside , with anastro superbubble lining on the inside and a secure self seal. These Jiffy bags are super tough on protection, highly presentable and ideal for heavy duty, domestic, overseas mailing or for products that require an additional amount of packaging protection with a quality feel.

Heavy Duty Padded Jiffy Bags

 Shredded Newspaper InnerMetallic Jiffy Bags for Mail that Needs to Stand out. Metallic Jiffy bags are a high gloss, fully laminated bubble lined aluminium mailer. It provides thermal, puncture and water resistance and is available in different colours. The peel and seal closure offers security and speeds up the packaging process.  These metallic Jiffy bags are available in a range of sizes and are ideal for media, advertising and marketing, as well as sending gifts and craftwork.

 Rigikraft Plus Jiffy Bags 


Rigikraft Plus Jiffy bags are the most appropriate mailer for shipping products that need a good protection against shocks and some extra rigidity. An inner liner of welded paper supports the outer paper liner to ensure the mailers stiffness. The welded structure of the inner liner also offers additional cushioning.

If you require any more information, please contact one of our sales team at or 0845 8800 355.

Padded Jiffy bags are the most appropriate mailer for the the shipping of heavy products that need good protection against shock whilst in transit. The exterior and interior paper liner of the jiffy padded bag ensures the mailers strength, where the inner lining of recycled paper provides protection against severe shocks.


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