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Paper Tape: Its benefits and which tape is best for your packaging?

Choosing the right cardboard box sealing tape for your business is vital, it ensures your products arrive safely, can speed up the packing process, reduce cost and waste. With different tapes available it is important to understand the benefits to help you make the right decision. As we all work to build a better, more sustainable future, paper tapes should be seriously considered in this decision. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly, temperature-tolerant or tamper evident tape, there is certainly a paper tape solution for you. To help with this decision we have highlighted 5 benefits of paper tape and outlined why this could be good for your business.

1. Recyclable 

Ensuring that your packaging is recyclable is a big thing at the moment, more consumers are paying closer attention to the businesses they use and their efforts to improve sustainability. Much of the time we don’t think past the cardboard box that our products are shipped in but what about the inner packaging and tape. Wouldn’t it be great if all of this was recyclable. With an ever growing range of paper tape there will certainly be an option to suit your needs. All of our paper tapes are fully recyclable allowing for customers to recycle the packaging without need to remove the tape. Things to consider when looking at paper tape is the type of adhesive and strength it offers. Gummed paper tape is a water activated tape and is the most environmentally friendly and strongest option. The gummed tape needs to be used with a dispenser which will moisten and cut the tape automatically, dispensing the exact amount you need. The adhesive is starch based, making this tape 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  Other paper tape options include Hotmelt Kraft Tape and Vibac Solvent Kraft Tape. These strong, economical kraft tape options can be applied by hand, are easy tear and 100% recyclable.  The solvent kraft tape offers a longer-lasting hold whereas the hotmelt is widely used for box sealing, crafts and framing. If you are considering your packaging options in terms of being more eco-friendly we have recently explored reasons to switch from bubble wrap to paper packaging, which may help with your decision making, read about it here.

2. Quick and Easy to Use

Efficiency is key in any business, you want your products to be sold, packed and dispatched quickly and efficiently whilst also ensuring that they arrive at the other end safely. Paper tape offers security for your items and with an easy application to help create an efficient packaging system. For example if you were to switch to gummed paper tape, this needs to be used with a dispenser. The table top dispensers have a water tray to moisten the tape and will automatically dispense cut pieces to the length required. Other kraft paper tape options offer easy tear and can be used with standard tape dispensers. 

3. Tamper Evident

When transporting valuable or sensitive goods a tamper-evident tapping solution can do your business wonders. Both gummed paper tape and reinforced self-adhesive tape offer tamper-evident solutions. The strong bond between the tape and cartons means that any attempt to open the box would cause obvious damage making it clear someone has tampered with your parcel.  The adhesive of gummed paper tape in particular, penetrates the fibres of the paper and bonds, due to the way it is applied. The water activated tape will tear the box if anyone attempts to remove it, unlike some other tapes which may be lifted and re-applied.

4. Temperature Tolerant

When using plastic adhesive tapes often the seal becomes loose when exposed to varying temperatures. This can cause a safety issue when transporting products. Especially products which have been stored for a longer period of time. Paper tape has an incredible ability to withstand varying temperatures and offers a stronger bond with the carton. Depending on where your products are being transported to and potential storage climate it is likely the safest option for your business is paper tape; keep products safe, secure and free from damage.

5.It Can Be Branded

Like some plastic tapes our paper tape options can be custom printed. This is a great way to enhance your packaging while also being eco-friendly. Kraft paper custom printed tape is biodegradable, has easy-tear qualities and a long lasting adhesive. Having branded tape gives you the opportunity to have more striking packaging and add some colour to any plain boxes you use. Printing on paper tape is easy, we offer Kraft paper tape in either brown or white with 1 or 2 print colours.


By switching to paper tape you could improve your businesses packing productivity, reduce costs and also help the environment. Building a more sustainable future must be at the forefront of business progression. Ensuring that small steps are taken helps the bigger picture, using fully biodegradable packaging has a wide range of benefits for your business and for the planet.



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