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As consumer lives get busier, convenience becomes a higher priority. A large aspect of this convenience is based on the delivery, as shown by the rise in Next Day and Same Day services. However, another aspect of this delivery convenience lies in the receipt of the parcel. After all, why pay extra to receive a parcel Next Day, when you have to then reorganise a delivery if you miss it or have to wait in all day to receive it. With this in mind, it is no surprise that letterbox deliveries are becoming increasingly popular. From subscription boxes and hampers, to flowers and wine, letterbox compatible parcels are taking over.


Letterbox mailings are a great way of increasing the convenience of your mailings, whilst also improving the customer experience. Sending your product via letter box sized packaging also provides businesses with a great opportunity to evaluate their packaging and shipping, as letterbox sized mailings can help to reduce shipping costs, and typically use less packaging (and no excess packaging). For some businesses, this can lead to the manufacture of product specific, or custom made packaging to provide the product with additional built-in protection.

So, Is Your Parcel Letter Box Compatible?

Whilst UK letter boxes can come in varying sizes, most use a standard size of 254mmx38mm (10x1.5inches), with most postal gift mailings adhering to this size.


Another aspect of the letterbox mailing process to consider is the cost of your mailing. A letterbox sized parcel will typically be sized by the Royal Mail’s Pricing in Proportion (PiP) guide as a Small Parcel, but thinner mailings (up to 25mm) may qualify as a Large Letter, a saving of up to 70%. PiP criteria is used to calculate the price of postage based on the size, weight, and volume of each mailing. Here at, we label our postal boxes with their Royal Mail size for your convenience.

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