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10 Alternative Uses for Bubble Wrap

Over the past month, we have showcased our bubble wrap as part of our Discount Club mailshot, so we thought now would be the perfect time to look into what you can do with your Bubble Wrap after you have finished wrapping your products. 

This blog has previously looked into how to recycle your bubble wrap, and what alternatives are available to reduce your plastic bubble wrap use so now, it’s time to tackle the 3rd ‘R’ – reusing. To help you get the most out of your bubble wrap, we’ve compiled a list of our ‘Top 10’ alternative uses.

Window Insulation

Bubble Wrap can be a great, low cost, reusable, solution for window insulation. Simply cut the Bubble Wrap to size, spray your window with a mist of water, press the flat side of the Bubble Wrap up against the window, and the water should keep the Bubble Wrap adhered. This therefore puts a layer of air between your draughty window and the rest of your home. 

Storage Protection

Bubble Wrap can be perfect for a wide range of storage solutions, particularly when it comes to wrapping clothing items for summer or winter storage. Items such as shoes and bags can be stuffed with leftover Bubble Wrap to help them maintain their shape when not in use, whilst wrapping items also helps protect them from dust and moisture.


Even with summer on the horizon, we are still seeing some frosty April mornings, but a sheet of Bubble Wrap on your cars windshield overnight can help prevent the early morning defrosting routine. The Bubble Wrap can collect any accumulated snow and ice throughout the night, and it can then either be easily disposed of, or cleaned and reused.

Alt Bubble Uses 1

photo credits: builditsolar/brightside/shareably


With the rise in home baking over the past year, it may not be too surprising to learn that Bubble Wrap has also been found to be great for cake and dessert decorating, from creating fun patterns in icing, to creating intricate adornments for desserts and cupcakes. These designs are particular popular when made from chilled chocolate.

Car Defrosting

A great way to keep strawberries off the ground is by providing them with a cushioning collar of Bubble Wrap, this can help protect them from potential fall damage. It can also be used to protect growing plants and trees during winter or other harsh conditions, simply secure the wrap loosely around the branches with a strong tape.


The air cushions in a roll of Bubble Wrap can provide the perfect amount of makeshift comfort to any hand-taxing work tools, or even as protective padding for your knees. It’s quick and easy to wrap around hard handles for a make-shift cushion to prevent sore palms and to help ease hand cramping, without compromising any grip. 

Alt Bubble Uses 2

photo credits: chocolateandconnie/eurodrive/bobvila

Hair Curling

Yes, its true, Bubble Wrap can even be used for hair curling! There’s a whole host of YouTube tutorials showing various different methods of how to create both large Hollywood-style curls, and smaller mermaid-esque curls using rolled up Bubble Wrap strips and without needing to apply any heat to your hair. 

Pet Bedding

The insulating properties of Bubble Wrap also make it great for providing the perfect pet bedding for both the summer and winter months, whilst also providing some cushioning comfort. The Bubble Wrap can either be placed underneath their bedding for some heat-retaining padding, or can be used to construct an outdoor home away from home.

Arts and Crafts

Bubble Wrap is already a popular tool in children’s arts and crafts, with the bubbles creating fun stamps and patterns, whilst the wrap itself can be used to protect clothes and surfaces during messy playtimes. However, Bubble Wrap isn’t just for kids’ art, with contemporary artists, such as Bradley Hart, using Bubble Wrap as a medium for their masterpieces.

Alt Bubble Uses 3

photo credit: allure/dailymail/artycraftykids

And, of course, Stress Relief!

It goes without saying, that the best use without a doubt for Bubble Wrap is of course for fun and stress relief. Having a good few bubbles to pop is a great way to boost some endorphins and revert back to feeling like a child again, if only for a few minutes. Bubble Wrap is so easily reusable that, after you’ve finished defrosting your car, curling your hair, and insulating your windows, there will still be plenty of bubbles left to pop before it reaches the end of its usable life!

How do you reuse your Bubble Wrap?


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