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3 Tips to Make Packaging Stand Out

3 Tips on How to Make Your Packaging Stand out

As consumers we all favour packaging that is aesthetically pleasing, and assures the secure transit of goods. As well as aesthetics, the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging is more important than ever. If you’re wanting to make your packaging stand out, see our tips below to create a better unboxing experience.

1.Consider your Colour and Design

One of the very first things any consumer notices about their packages is the colour and design of the packaging it arrives in. Whether it is a large envelope, cardboard box or a jiffy bag the memorable ones usually have a unique design, or eye-catching colours. 

There are a great number of possibilities with packaging depending on your business branding. You have to consider that this packaging represents your style, your products, and shows your customers that you have taken time to consider their experience. Depending on your brand's style you could go minimal, using low key colouring and simple logo or product name featured on the packaging, keep things simple and clear to the point. This ensures consumers instantly know what they are getting, they know who they have bought from and often there is no need for over the top wacky designs. However if your branding stands out, if you have a bold over the top website your packaging should reflect this. You could go all out and have a colour printed box featuring an eye-catching design and your logo. You could surprise the customer with a hidden burst of colour featured on the inside of the box, see a great example of this from Fabulous Makeup, in our March customer showcase.

2. Promote Sustainability

The need to create a sustainable environment is a global issue and there are so many ways businesses can improve. More consumers are choosing brands who are promoting sustainability, actively trying to reduce their waste and taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions. We explored the benefits of switching to paper packaging in February and found some compelling statistics. 

As a brand your packaging is a huge part of your business, whether you are selling small gifts or supplying huge corporations consumers will be looking at all your packaging closely. You can use fully recyclable packaging from the box right down to paper tape, allowing customers to recycle more. Use your platforms to promote your company's mission to become more sustainable, share your ethos on social media, websites and on your packaging. Share your message with each and every single customer by including your aims for sustainability within your packaging.

3. Size Matters

When distributing your products it is important to ensure that it arrives to the customer in one piece but 77% of customers believe businesses should use as little packaging as possible. With so many possibilities in packaging there is no need for a one size fits all approach. Size really does matter in the world of packaging, you could create a range of boxes with a specific range of products in mind. Consider what products you sell, look at their sizes and select packaging accordingly. You don't need to leave tons of additional space, just enough space for the product and some protective inner packaging. Depending on the inner packaging you are using you could also reduce the space by switching to an alternative packaging solution with equal protection and taking up less space. For example if you are using bubble wrap this is a much thicker material than paper bubble wrap for example. By reducing the amount of packaging you use you can cut costs, reduce waste and keep your customers happy.

With so many options and so much variety out there its difficult to make your brand stand out. By using these tips you can be sure to improve your packaging and make it memorable for each and every customer. 

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